DISprojekt Ltd. is Trebic-based atelier for architecture and urban design. A company was established in 1994 as a projection and supply house mainly in the area of interiors of commercial character. Preferred professional interests of co-operators, considerably positive outcomes of work and clearly determined demands of clients led the development of a company to the conceptual urbanistic-architectonical and building projection practice. Technical background, stable group of co-operators and creative environment enablecomplex processing of conceptual urbanistic designs of seats – territorial plans, their developing parts in the form of regulatory plans, urbanistic studies of function localities of residential, recreational, commercial and industrial, studies and projects of mainly commercial and residential buildings and buildings of social character including interior designs.


Professional interest of a team is profiled mainly in the area of urbanism, landscape planning and conceptual and projection work during building reconstructions and renovations. An atelier is equipped by highly developed computer and reprographic technology, documentations are processed in the Archicad programme, processing 3D models of architectonic and urbanistic designs is obvious. The employees are members of Czech chamber of architects; the company is a member of the Chamber of commerce Trebic. 

Ing. arch. Jaroslav Hobza
authorized architect
managing director

(+420) 739029520